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MBO provide innovative soldering solutions and high quality soldering material supplies and accessories to the UK and International market place at competitive prices.

2017: MBO 70 Years Anniversary
Celebrating 70 years of manufacturing
quality soldering consumables for supply to companies around the world
MBO UK 30 Years Anniversary

MBO Solders, a renowned manufacturer of soldering materials and consumables, have acquired the business of Radiel Fondam. MBO Solders, operating from their existing facility in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur near Dijon in France, now supply products and services previously provided by the Radiel Fondam solder company. Contact: info@mbouk.co.uk for further information or to send enquiries.

MBO UK products include:

Solder Paste: Lead-free SAC (TSC) Alloys

Liquid Flux: No Clean, Low-Residue, VOC      Free, Synthetic Resin/Rosin, Water Washable

Solder Wire: Lead-Free 99C / TSC Alloys,     Colophony Free, No-Clean Flux, Single and     Multicore Wire

Solder Preforms: Leaded and Lead-Free,      Solid and Flux-Cored

BGA Spheres and Flux Gel: BGA and      Rework Gels. General Purpose Flux Paste.

Tooling/Accessories: Weller Soldering      Irons, Plato Soldering Iron Tips to fit Weller,      Ersa, Ungar, Pace, Hakko and others

Solder Alloys: Wave Soldering Alloys,     Tinmans, Plumbers, Blowpipe solder sticks, Solder     Anodes, Plating, Plating PCBA's, Plating PCB's &     Plating Components

Silver Solder


In order to ensure a timely supply of products, please read our Covid-19 statement

View Datasheet MBO Covid-19 Statement


MBO UK lead-free solder


MBO UK will be attending Productronica
from November 18-21 2025

Productronica 2025

Find us at Hall Number A4


2022: MBO Career Opportunity
Technical Sales & Business Development Manager
Based in the UK
Contact us with CV for
further information



MBO Company Presentation:

**New Products**

MBO SIA Alloy and Solder Paste

SIA Alloys and Solder Paste

This Tin and Bismuth alloy makes it possible to meet actual challenges by offering a lead-free alloy solution, controlled costs (no Silver in the alloy), thermal and mechanical properties comparable to SAC-type solutions and operating cost reductions (reduction of energy bills and limitation of dross formation).

View Datasheet SIA SnBi Alloy

SIA RSN 70 LF Solder Paste SIA SnBi RSN 70 LF

MBO Orion 414 LF JP (Jet Printing)

ORION 414 LF JP no-clean solder paste has been developed in MBO laboratories. It is designed to offer a high level of activity by leaving low residues, non-corrosive. This product, suitable for JET PRINTING applications meets the international requirements of the electronics industry.

Orion 414 LF JP Orion 414 LF JP Jet Printing Solder Paste

MBO No-clean Solder Wire "ROB"

MBO "ROB" solder wire has been developed specifically for use with Automatic / Robotic / Robot Soldering Systems

View Datasheet MBO ROB Solder Wire for Robot Soldering Systems

Cascade Water Washable Flux Gel

CASCADE 1 water-soluble gel is carefully formulated to confer high activity soldering. Its residues can be easily removed with deionised water.

- Halide-free
- Water-washable residues
- High activity
- Very good tack-life = 16 hours

View Datasheet Cascade Water Washable Flux Gel

Sn95 Sb5 Lead Free

Lead-Free solder logoSn95Sb5 - a new addition to our Lead Free product range.
Solidus 232C - Liquidus 240C.

The Sn95Sb5 alloy is available in Lead Free solder paste, solder bar and solder stick form.

Offering a little more in turn opening your reflow process operating window, particularly where a dual solder reflow process is employed.

View Datasheet Sn95Sb5 TDS

View Datasheet RSN 70 Lead Free Data Sheet

View Datasheet Sn95Sb5 RSN 70 Solder Paste Reflow Guideline

Contact us for further details:  info@mbouk.co.uk

Sirius 1 Lead Free

Lead-Free solder logoSIRIUS 1LF is a No-Clean & Lead Free solder paste.

Carefully formulated to solder all surfaces, SIRIUS 1LF leaves a very low volume of clear residues after soldering.
This paste is designed to offer a wide process window and reduces solder defects with a minimum increase of temperature compared to lead content products.
The flux system is long life, reduces paste waste and costs.
The residues are non-corrosive and completely benign. The solder paste meets the international test standards and recent directives about hazardous substances.
Tests and Qualifications include criteria from the J-STD-004, -005, and -006 specifications (IPC-TM-650 tests methods).

View Datasheet Sirius 1 Lead Free Joint Standards Qualification Report
1.27MB PDF Document

Sirius 1 VLMP - Low Melting Alloys

Lead-Free solder logoSIRIUS 1LF is a No-Clean & Lead Free solder paste.

View Datasheet Sirius 1 VLMP - Low Melting Allows


Lead-Free solder logoView Datasheet Lead-Free Solder Technical Paper
View Datasheet Thermal Conductivity of Molten Lead Free Solders

Paper by Jaromir Bilek, John Atkinson, William Wakeham
University of Southampton, School of Engineering Sciences. [Solder materials supplied by MBO UK]

View all our product Technical Data Sheets (TDS) from the Site Map page
For Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), please Contact Us

The Company:

Founded in 1947, MBO has established manufacturing plants and distribution networks around the world.

MBO products are manufactured to stringent quality control procedures in line with ISO 9001 standards. Products may be supplied with Certificate of Conformity, if required.

Our Vision is to ensure we are our customers’ first choice for supply of innovative soldering solutions and high quality soldering material supplies and accessories.

Our Goal is to realise this vision through providing new technology, leading edge products on time, every time at competitive prices.



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Market Place: Global

MBO News:

We will be attending Productronica from November 14-17 2023.

Productronica 2023

Tin, up, up and away to record highs.

Read the full story here [PDF]

MBO hiring in the UK!

Employment opportunities - contact us for further details.

MBO Soldering Solutions:

A wide range of soldering consumables are available to include:

Leaded and Lead Free Solder:

Pastes / Creams

Solder Preforms are available in:

Others available

MBO also offer a range of liquid flux to include:

V.O.C. Free
Low Residue
Rosin – R - RMA - RA
Rosin Free
Colophony Free
Resin Free
Synthetic Resin
Aqueous and Water Washable
Solvent Cleaners and Thinners are     also offered.

No-Clean and Water Washable Flux Gel for Ball Grid Array (BGA), Rework and general soldering applications are included in the range.

In addition, soldering accessories can be supplied to include:

Leaded and LeadFree Solder Tip Tinning Compounds
Solder Braid or Wick, Masking Materials
Small Hand Tools
Soldering Irons
Inspection Software

As associated with Conventional and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly processes.

Materials available can be used in a variety of Soldering Processes, aerobic or inerted, to include:

SMT Reflow Soldering
Machine or Wave Soldering
Hand Soldering
Laser Soldering
Hot Air Convection
Hot Gas Soldering
Solder Baths
Dip Tinning Pots
Induction Soldering Systems,     

Additional Service and Support includes Research and Development (R + D), Application Engineering, Warehousing and Stock Management facilities, Solder Sample Analysis plus general Product and Process Development consultation.


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