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MBO provide innovative soldering solutions to the UK and International market place at competitive prices.

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See at a glance all the product areas covered by MBO UK

Solder Paste and Solder Paint
A complete range of solder paste and solder paint, including SAC (TSC) lead free alloys. Technical Data Sheets

Solder Wire
Solder wire available in both leaded and lead-free alloys. Both solid and flux cored, including no clean, colophony-free and water-washable incorporated flux. Technical Data Sheets

Flux and Thinners
A wide range of liquid flux products, including no-clean, low residue, VOC free. Technical Data Sheets

Flux Gel
Including for BGA (Ball Grid Array) components and flux gel suitable for soldering aluminium and aluminium alloys. Technical Data Sheets

Solder Alloys
Including Pb-free alloys and high temperature alloys. Technical Data Sheets

A full range of custom solder preforms in all alloys, with or without flux
PDF Product Specification Sheet for MBO Custom Solder Preforms

Tools/Soldering Accessories and Materials
Weller / Ersa soldering stations, Express irons, Plato soldering iron tips, Hios screwdrivers, hand tools, solder pots, lead-free tip tinner, cleaning solvents, solder masks and cleaning / purge gel. Technical Data Sheets

Solder analysis, development consultation, samples and technical information

Please contact us if you would like further information or samples

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PDF Technical Data Sheets

Technical Lead Free Report
Thermal Conductivity of Molten Lead Free Solders

Solder Paste and Solder Paint TDS

Orion 41* LF JP Jet Printing Solder Paste
Orion 410 leaded alloy, no clean
Orion 410 lead-free alloy
Orion 410 J-Std Qualification Report (1.32MB PDF)
Sirius 1 Lead Free J-Std Qualification Report (1.27MB PDF)
Typical TSC reflow profile
Typical TSC reflow profile I
Typical TSC reflow profile II
Lead Free Orion 410 RA Di
Standard RMA Type: 495
Leaded & Lead Free 393 E2 No Clean
Standard RA Type: Orion 410 RA
Standard RA Type: Titan HT-10
Cascade LF Di: Water-soluble
Sirius 1 Lead Free
Sirius 1 VLMP - Low Melting Alloys
Sirius 1 Di dispensing grade
Sirius 1 RA Di dispensing grade
Orion 410 Di dispensing grade
Solder Paint EPB Sn60 Pb40
Solder Paint EPB Sn100
Solder Paint EPB Sn99 Cu

Solder Wire TDS

Lead-free solder alloys
Lead free alloy TSC (Sn95.5 Ag3.8 Cu0.7)
Lead free alloy 96S (Sn96.5 Ag 3.5)
Lead free alloy 96S (Sn96.5 Ag 3 Cu0.5)
Lead free alloy 99 (Sn99 Ag 0.3 Cu0.7)
Lead free alloy 99C (Sn99.3 Cu0.7)
Fluidel 5 Alloys Sn Pb
Alloy with copper (Sn60 Pb38 Cu2)
Alloy with silver (Sn62 Pb36 Ag2)
High temperature alloy (Sn5 Pb93.5 Ag1.5)
Low temperature alloy (Sn50 Pb32 Cd18)
Low temperature alloy (Sn43 Pb43 Bi14)

Incorporated Flux TDS

No clean (halide free): R45
No clean (halide free): Autofil
Synthetic Colophony-free Leaded
Synthetic Colophony-free Lead Free
Rosin based halide free: CT2
Rosin based halide free: RL
Rosin based halide free: RD
Water washable organic: Jarytin
Water washable organic: SR
Water washable organic/inorganic: Alufil
Water washable inorganic: HC1
Water washable inorganic: HC3
Water washable inorganic: Incorporated flux EG

Flux and Thinners TDS

No-Clean Low-Residue Flux, V.O.C. Free, water based: WBF 01
No-Clean Low-Residue Flux, V.O.C. Free, water based: WBF 02
No-Clean Low-Residue Flux, V.O.C. Free, water based: WBF 03
WBF-01, 02 & 03 Characteristics
No-Clean Low-Residue Flux, synthetic rosin-free, alcohol based: 45 D
No-Clean Low-Residue Flux, colophony free: 40S2A
No-Clean Low-Residue Flux, halide free: 40S2S
No-Clean Low-Residue Lead-Free Halide-Free Flux, alcohol based: LF 50 SMT
No-Clean Low-Residue Flux, synthetic rosin-free, alcohol based: UNIFLUX LSi ("Dipping")
No-Clean Low-Residue Flux, resinous, alcohol based: BCX5M
Resin Based RMA: BC 310
Resin Based RA: BC 340
Water washable organic: H32M
Water washable organic: H35M
MSDS for H32M and H35M
Aqueous inorganic: PR102
Inorganic water-washable Z 60
Thinner for rosin base: D305
Thinner for rosin free: D45
Cleaner for water based: Aquasafe
Cleaner for solvent based: Sol-Kleen
Cleaner for solvent based: Sol-Kleen 305

Flux Gel TDS

IPS Solder Powder & BAG Spheres
Application specific for BGA (Ball Grid Array) components: MOB39i
A general purpose flux gel: MBO Blu Gel
Suitable for soldering aluminium and aluminium alloys: Alugel MSDS
Alugel TDS

Solder Alloys TDS

TDS SIA SnBi Alloy
TDS Sn30Pb70 Plumbers Solder Alloy
TDS Sn99.3Cu0.7 Lead Free Plumbers Solder Alloy
Lead free alloy Sn99 CuSP (TDS)
Lead free alloy Sn99 CuSP (MSDS)
Lead free alloy Sn95 Sb5
Lead-free solder alloys
Nitralloy SN63
Cleanalloy SN 63
High temperature alloys SN 60 HT
Low temperature alloy Sn50Pb32Cd18
Low temperature alloy Sn43Pb43Bi14

TDS Anodes Physical Characteristics
TDS Tin Dome

Tooling and Accessories TDS

HIOS - Power Supply Unit Product Data Sheet
Lead free solder tip tinner: Etamvit
Leaded solder tip tinner: Etamvit
De-Ox powder - dross removal
De-ox pellets - dross removal
MSP 75 Neutral - Peelable masking product
EasyPurge - Syringe/cartridge needle cleaning compound

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