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MBO Products: Flux and Thinners

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A wide range of liquid flux products are available for high reliability electronic soldering to the more difficult electrical and industrial applications.

MBO's no-clean flux products offer the highest reliability and are available in a range to enable superior soldering of tin-lead, bare copper, nickel gold and lead-free finishes.


MBO Flux and Thinners
Technical Data Sheet for each product is available. Click on the PDF icon PDF Icon to view it. Get Adobe Arobat Reader
Our formulations are designed to reduce solder defects, minimising rework in turn increasing production output.

Environmentally friendly VOC Free No-Clean Low Residue fluxes are also available for traditional tin-lead or lead-free soldering.

Please consult with our technical representative to assist you in choosing the best flux for your application.

No-Clean Low-Residue Flux

View Datasheet WATER-RISE 3

View Datasheet WBF 01

View Datasheet WBF 02T

View Datasheet WBF 03T
View Datasheet WBF 320S

V.O.C. Free

V.O.C. Free

View Datasheet WBF-01 02 & 03 Characteristics

Water Based

View Datasheet MBO 45
View Datasheet MBO 40S2A
View Datasheet MBO 40S2S

View Datasheet LF 50

View Datasheet UNIFLUX LSd ("Dipping")

Synthetic Rosin Free Alcohol Based
View Datasheet BCX5M Resinous
Resin Based RMA

View Datasheet BC 310-15
View Datasheet BC 310-35
View Datasheet BC 310-45
View Datasheet BC 310-90

Mild Activity Resin Based
Resin Based RA View Datasheet BC 340 High Activity
Water Washable

View Datasheet H32M TDS
View Datasheet H35M TDS

View Datasheet H32/35M MSDS

Organic Water Based

View Datasheet PR 102
PR 1022
PR 202
View Datasheet Z 60
View Datasheet 35S


Thinners View Datasheet D 305 For Rosin Base
View Datasheet D 45 For Rosin Free

Cleaners View Datasheet Aquasafe Water Based
View Datasheet Sol-Kleen Solvent Based
View Datasheet Sol-Kleen 305 Solvent Based

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