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MBO Products: Tools and Accessories

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MBO supplies a wide range of soldering Tools, Accessories and Materials to assist with your electronic soldering needs:

Soldering Tools for Electronics

ERSA soldering iron tips:
ERSA tips 6120612AD

£13.50 plus VAT + shipping
£13.50 plus VAT + shipping
£13.50 plus VAT + shipping

840CDJ Soldering Pencil

£79.95 plus VAT + shipping

Contact us if interested, or to enquire about other items

Soldering Iron Stations

Weller WSD 81 Soldering Station


Weller temperature-controlled digital stations, including:

Weller WSD 81 Soldering Station
WAD 101 Hot Air Station
WDD 161V Rework Station
WDD 81V Desoldering Station

View Datasheet Lead Free Soldering with Weller Tools PDF


Ersa Digital 80A Soldering Station

Ersa analogue and digital soldering stations, including:

Analog and digital Ersa 60A / 80A
Ersa X-Tool Desolder Station
Ersa SMT Soldering & Desoldering Station
Ersa Rework 80

View Datasheet Ersa - Practical Experience in Lead-Free Wave Soldering PDF

Express High Power Soldering Iron

Express High Power Electrical Soldering Irons:

230V - from 75 to 250W input. Pre-heating velocity increase of 100% and reduction of energy consumption by 35% at equivalent power output. View Datasheet Download data sheet (PDF)

Very durable armoured heating element for heavy duty. This patented technical innovation increases the heating power by 30% compared to the traditional method. Removable tip with long-life treatment and burnproof cable.

HRT Technology Traditional Technology
Ref. Power Soldering capacities Power
109 75W wires up to 38 mm2
metal thickness .7 mm
159 100W wires up to 64 mm2
metal thickness 1.2 mm
209 125W wires up to 113 mm2
metal thickness 1.5 mm
309 200W wires up to 133 mm2
metal thickness 2.2 mm
409 250W wires up to 177 mm2
metal thickness 3.0 mm

ANTEX Soldering IronsANTEX Soldering Irons

The Antex Precision range has been continually developed over 70 years by Antex in the UK. The soldering irons are signified by the traditional Antex yellow and black colours and manufactured to the highest standards in factories both in the UK and overseas.

Download the Antex Brochure [PDF]

Contact us for further information.


Plato Soldering Iron tipsPlato Soldering Iron Tips

Soldering Iron tips for many popular brands, including Weller, Ersa, Hakko and Pace amongst others.

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NEW from MBO (UK) Ltd

MBO UK Low-Cost Solder Wire DispenserLow-cost solder wire dispensers:

A convenient method of dispensing solder.

  • Accepts most 250gm and 500gm reels of all gauges of solder wire
  • Spindle diameter is 15mm
  • Installation of reel takes a matter of seconds
  • Spring guide holds end at convenient height and position
  • Heavy base maintains excellent stability
  • All-metal construction
  • Supplied unassembled, solder not included.

An excellent bargain at £17.95 each, plus VAT and carriage

MBO UK Low-Cost Solder Wire DispenserThis Solder Wire Dispenser is designed with a cleaning sponge incorporated in the stable metal unit. Designed for solder wire spools with a core diameter of minimum of 11mm & 15mm and a width of maximum of 65mm. The wide spindle accommodates several rolls of solder at the same time depending upon the design and dimensions of the reel.

  • Built-in cleaning sponge
  • Sturdy metal design maintains excellent stability
  • Installation of reel takes a matter of seconds.
  • Spindles 11mm & 15mm
  • Supplied unassembled, solder not included
  • Dimensions: 85 x 77 x 69mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 300g

Special introductory price at £23.95 each, plus VAT and carriage

SEBA Bench Top Metal Melters / Solder Pots

The SEBA range of bench top metal melters / solder pots have been designed for the industrial, sporting and hobbyist melting of tin, lead, zinc, solder etc.

  • Temperatures of up to 500 deg C complete with a fully adjustable digital controller.
  • Standard voltage available is 220/240 with alternatives available.
  • Pots in cast iron with aluminium or steel case and mild steel safety base plate.

There are 3 types of Bench Top Melters: Type TET (tilting), Type TE (bail out), Type BPE (bottom pour)

Models available:

Model Capacity
(Kg in lead)
Dimensions (mm) Wattage
TE, TET and BPE 5 5kg 75 diameter x 105 deep 750W
TE, TET and BPE 20 20kg 135 diameter x 125 deep 1750W
TE, TET and BPE 30 30kg 160 diameter x 145 deep 2500W
TE, TET and BPE 40 40kg 200 diameter x 140 deep 3000W

Melters / Solder Pots are supplied complete with an on/off switch, indicator lamp, 2 meter mains cable and fused plug.

View Datasheet SEBA Bench Top Metal Melters PDF

Hios Industrial Power Screwdrivers:

Mains / LV / Battery. Fully adjustable torque range.

Hios Electric Screwdrivers Model CL-6000 CL-7000
Output Torque Range
0.2 - 1
0.3 - 2.5
1.7 - 8.8
2.6 - 22
2 - 10
3 - 25
Uploaded Rotation Speed (r.p.m)
Screw Size
Small Screw Size
2.0 - 3.0
2.0 - 5.0
Tapping Screw
2.0 - 2.6
3 - 25

View Datasheet HIOS - Power Supply Unit Product Data Sheet (Cost Effective Alternative) PDF

View Datasheet Hios SS-6500 & SS-6500X Spare Parts List

  • Plato Lead CuttersPlatoshear 170 lead cutters
  • Platoshear 175 with guard
  • Platoshear 170 SD - ESD Safe
  • Platoshear 175 SD - ESD Safe
  • Platoshear 170 SMD - Low Profile ESD Safe
  • Plato Big Shear 1755

Static Prevention Products: Including matting, straps, chemicals and tooling.

Optics: Microscopes and accessories. Illuminated magnifiers and hand lenses.

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Soldering Materials for Electronics

Cleaning Solvents, Leaded and Lead Free Tip Tinner, De-Ox Pellets, De-Ox Powder, Solder Masks and Cleaning / Purge Gel.

Technical Data Sheet for each product is available. Click on the PDF icon PDF Icon to view it. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

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