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MBO Products: Solder Preforms

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MBO offers a wide range of preformed solder shapes for low cost automated assembly, including lead free preforms, solid or flux-cored.

Preforms are available in many varieties:



MBO Preform Shapes

Solder Preform Tolerances Solder Preform Tolerances
Solder Preforms - Tape & reel packaging Solder Preforms - Tape & reel packaging
MBO Custom Solder Preforms Product Specification Sheet for MBO Custom Solder Preforms
MBO Custom Solder Preforms Solder Preform Washer Tooling Schematic


Produced in all alloys with or without flux, including lead free preforms. Flux can be incorporated within the preform.

Solder preforms are best used for assemblies produced in quantity or in applications difficult to access with soldering irons or flow soldering techniques. If you have a difficult application to resolve, we can assist with assessing and calculating optimum volume and balances of alloys and fluxes to achieve high quality electrical and mechanical integrity.

Areas of application where preforms can be of benefit :

Connector pins and receptacles
Springs to a fixed base


Preform Varieties

Our technical consultant can recommend products to suit your application.

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