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MBO Products: Solder Wire

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MBO Solder Wire is available in both leaded and lead-free 99C / TSC alloys. The MBO range of solder wire can be supplied in solid and flux cored configurations in line with international specifications.


MBO Solder Wire
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For model-makers and hobbyists, please note that we can supply 70 solder, 145 solder, 179 solder, 183 solder and 296 solder. We accept small to medium orders, payable through PayPal. Please contact MBO with your requirements: info@mbouk.co.uk

Table of Standard Alloys:

Group Designated
main metal
Melting Point
Fields of use
Solid Liquid

Alloys with Copper

Sn 50 Pb Cu 1
Sn 60 Pb Cu 2

View Datasheet Sn 60 Pb38 Cu 2

183 °C
183 °C

183 °C

215 °C
190 °C

190 °C

Solder for untinned copper wire, especially automotive wiring.
Gives stronger joints and reduces leeching from copper conductors.

Alloys with Silver

Sn 60 Pb Ag 3
View Datasheet Sn 62 Pb36 Ag 2
Sn 63 Pb Ag
178 °C
178 °C
178 °C
180 °C
180 °C
Solder for gold plated circuits, silvered ceramics or any silver plated application.
Low melting point, high conductivity for SMT and rework.

High Temperature Alloys

Pb 90 Sn
View Datasheet Sn5PB93.5Ag1.5
270 °C
296 °C
300 °C
301 °C
High melting point solder for lamps, motors, plumbing, and where a more malleable alloy is required.

Low Temperature Alloys

View Datasheet Sn50Pb32Cd18
View Datasheet Sn43Pb43Bi14
145 °C
138 °C
150 °C
VLMP solder for juxtaposed joints on printed circuits or equipment and parts that are thermally sensitive.

Fluidel 5® wire may be solid or flux cored: Rosinous R-RMA-RA, Hydrosoluble or Synthetic - Colophony Free. No-Clean or Clean formulations.

Sizes : from 0.3 to 6 mm.
Supplied on :
Spools from 100 g to 20 kg.
Drums : 20 to 50 kg.

View Spool Dimensions Spool Dimensions

Incorporated Flux:

(Halide Free)
View Datasheet R45 - RSNB - View Datasheet AO - View Datasheet RT15 - View Datasheet RZ - View Datasheet RES0
NO CLEAN View Datasheet A11
(Rosin or Colophony Free)
View Datasheet (Leaded) View Datasheet (Lead-Free) S45V
View DatasheetLeaded & Lead-Free S45V
(*)=Halide free
(Pure Rosin)
(Rosin Mildly Active)

EL - View Datasheet

F45 - View Datasheet CT2 - View Datasheet RL

View Datasheet ROB

View Datasheet HMP Sn5Pb93.5Ag1.5 CT2

(Rosin Active)

View Datasheet Sn62Pb36Ag2 CR
View Datasheet RD
View Datasheet Sn27Pb70Ag3 RD
View Datasheet HMP Sn5Pb93.5Ag1.5 CR

View Datasheet Jarytin
View Datasheet SR
View Datasheet Lead free HYO Organic


View Datasheet Alufil

View Datasheet HC1

View Datasheet Sn60 Pb40 HC3

View Datasheet Sn96.5Ag3.5 HC3

View Datasheet Sn99Cu HC3

View Datasheet HC3

View Datasheet EG

Please consult us for special requirements.

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