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MBO Products: Solder Alloys

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MBO Alloys are:

Manufactured using the highest purity base metals, only     virgin materials are used.

Produced in a rigorously controlled process to ensure the     lowest oxide levels.

Each bar and carton is marked with a traceable lot

MBO Machine Alloys

Impurities are well below international standards, ensuring the quality of solder     joints and the reliability of the assembled product.

Chemical analysis of solder pot's content is available. Contact MBO.

Range includes alloys for:

All Wave Soldering processes
Solder baths
Automatic dipping machines
Silver solders
Tinmans, Plumbers, Blowpipe solder sticks
View Datasheet TDS Sn30Pb70 Plumbers Solder Alloy
View Datasheet TDS Sn99.3Cu0.7 Lead Free Plumbers Solder Alloy

Alloy Forms:

Ball Grid Arrays

Standard Alloys:

PDF Icon ISO Alloy Table

Technical Data Sheet for each product is available. Click on the PDF icon PDF Icon to view it.


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Products: Anodes


Sn 100 - To customer specification.
Sn Pb - To customer specification.



View Datasheet TDS Anodes Physical Characteristics
View Datasheet TDS Solder Bars, Ingots & Sticks Physical Characteristics
View Datasheet TDS Tin Dome

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