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MBO Products: BGA Spheres and Flux Gel

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Ball Grid Array (BGA) spheres or balls available in leaded and lead-free alloys. See our Solder Alloys page.

IPS Company Presentation:

View Datasheet IPS Solder Powder & BGA Spheres

Lead-Free Lead Free BGA Sphere

* Fuji Electronic Holdings Co Ltd. Patent number as follows:
Japan No. 3296289, U.S. No. 6179935B1, Germany No. 19816671C2 (add content of percentage of Ni and Ge)

Tin/Lead BGA Sphere







All of alloy composition to meet JIS-Z 3282E specification standards

Flux Gel

A range of flux gel for BGA (Ball Grid Array) and rework applications. Also available for electrical, engineering and plumbing applications.

View Datasheet MOB 39

A gelatinous consistency flux, application specific for BGA (Ball Grid Array) components but offering benefit in rework applications where sufficient solder is already present on the component.
Spread thinly at approximately 3 µm thick it will effectively flux any tinned surface without the problem of droplet volume control with the added advantage of leaving a minimal non-corrosive residue.

MOB 39: Supplied in syringes of 5cc, 10cc and 100g jars.

View Datasheet FLT 396: Adhesive Flux

View Datasheet Cascade Water Washable Flux Gel

View Datasheet MBO Blu Gel: A general purpose flux gel.

View Datasheet EASY-PURGE Gel: Agel for dispensing equipment.

View Datasheet Alugel MSDS: Flux Gel suitable for soldering aluminium and aluminium alloys.
View Datasheet Alugel TDS

MBO Flux Gel

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